January 12-16th 2018 in Port of Spain

Thank you everyone for participating in the 2018 conference. Rosina Wiltshire, Co-Cordinator for the Conference had the following to say:
“This gathering was a lovely reflection of Reiki Home manifesting joy, welcoming without judgment, and sharing with respect and understanding. It became clear as the conference unfolded that Reiki Home is a space of embracing others in partnership, creating a welcoming circle, listening to one another with respect and kindness and building peace, beginning with ourselves. When at peace with ourselves and others, Reiki Home is present.”

We look forward to the next opportunity to be present in Reiki Home.

Join us in this unique opportunity to be the change.

Download the conference schedule in Español.
Download the conference schedule in English.

Download the conference flyer (Español or English).

Reiki Home in collaboration with Initiatives of Change and Creators of Peace, and the Trinidad & Tobago Indigenous People is hosting a conference in Trinidad and Tobago in January 2018. The conference focus is Building Peace, Healing Ourselves, and Healing the Earth. The goal is to bring together people who are making a difference around the world to facilitate an exchange of ideas, to showcase good practices globally and locally, and to build on positive trends.

Countries around the globe have agreed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consisting of 17 goals which include: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the wellbeing of all people, Protecting and caring for the earth, and Promoting peaceful, just societies.

The expressed commitment to, and focus on, these interconnected goals is timely. Individuals, organizations and governments are taking positive actions that are having a noticeable impact. These initiatives represent models of positive change to be shared and replicated globally.

Who should participate?

All are welcome!

Individuals, the public and private sector, and organizations engaged in innovative practices to promote peace, human wellbeing, and care of the earth.

Conference Format

The Conference consists of panel discussions, workshops and excursions on the island. You will have space to learn, exchange experiences, and have lively discussions.

Morning and afternoon sessions will be offered with the evenings free for informal discussion and experiences created by the participants. Details will follow.

Featured Initiatives

This conference brings together people globally and locally. They are involved in promoting wellbeing, building peace in communities and nations, educating others for peace, and caring for the environment. These initiatives include:

  • innovative business practices
  • restorative justice initiatives
  • community peace building
  • health and peace educational innovations
  • wellbeing initiatives
  • good practices in sustainable development and care of the earth.

Workshops and presentations showcase examples in education, communities and nations which demonstrate that innovation, courage, vision, and action can produce astonishing results to make our world a better place.

Hotel Information

The Conference will be held in Port of Spain Trinidad at Alicia’s Palace. The venue is approximately 35 minutes from Piarco International Airport. There is easy access to the city of Port of Spain.

Nestled in the midst of the tropical hills of Lady Chancellor Road, Port of Spain, the hotel is a lovely setting for the conference. The hotel has a small pool, scenic decks, modern rooms and wireless Internet.

The hotel has a shuttle to a second location that is a bit more basic, and has rooms with easy access for wheel chairs and for overflow registrations. The shuttle also runs to the Savannah, a popular park in the center of the city, and the Botanical Garden.

The street is popular for walking with lovely views into the Northern Range.

Designed by Dori Beeler, Reiki Home Volunteer.